Angioli Giorgio

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Introduction to the company

The individual company Angioli Giorgio, inscribed on the role of business agents in mediation of the C.C.I.A.A. from Livorno since 2013 to n. 155573, has a multi-year experience in real estate and is a landmark for all those who intend buy luxury real estate, seals, seaside resorts, tourist villages and hotels. Our agent provides all the necessary and supportive services by identifying opportunities for possible acquisition and / or management, in order to better meet the needs of the customer. Professionalism, availability and timeliness are the strengths of our business.

Features of our service

  • Brokerage for the sale, purchase or rental of real estate;
  • Intermediation of selected luxury properties and luxury homes;
  • We work in the Italian real estate market by turning to foreign clients;
  • Thanks to our experience we can provide comprehensive assistance to Rogue Notary;
  • Our work concept sometimes goes hand in hand with collaborations with other selected quality real estate agencies to provide the best solution for our customers;
  • To our customers We guarantee the most rigorous privacy, to best protect their interests and their assets.