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Sanitization service


The Spes Group mainly carries out its activity in the "full-outsourcing" of the staff, in fact the Group companies carry out an activity in this sense for important primary Groups and in this perspective in which the predominance of the human factor is decidedly relevant, it has been evaluated with the CSI Stable Consortium of Milan - - to create a dedicated reality to professionally deal with the containment of the spread of Covid-19 in the work environments for which CovidBusters srl was created to face this challenge, and to implement all the prevention and disinfection measures in response to Coronavirus - Covid-19 taking into account, of course, that it has not yet been sufficiently examined to have certified and tested methods for disinfection. For the above, we cannot fail to mention the Protocol of the Ministry of Health of 22 February 2020 on the directives to be respected for the precautionary contract of contagion from viral and infectious agents from Covid-19 which was followed on 14 March 2020 a Protocol signed between the trade unions and the various trade associations for which the companies undertake to adopt their own regulatory protocol within their workplaces and even more so in the places where the influx is also expected from outside audiences. In order to face this challenge with a full sense of responsibility, Spes could not fail to be involved, opening its own Sanitation division for which it has started, thanks to its many years of experience in the disinfection and cleaning sector, a Certification process for the issue of Certificates. : UNI ISO EN 9001: 2015 - UNI ISO EN 14001: 2015 - UNI ISO EN 45001: 2018 - UNI EN 16636.


SHARE CAPITAL euro 100.000,00 i.v.
Tax Code and VAT 15687681005
CSI Stable Consortium 40%
Others 5%


  • Hotel e Resort
  • Healthcare (Hospitals and Clinics)
  • Offices - shops and private homes
  • Food and non-food deposits
  • Company canteens
  • Industries
  • Urban and extra-urban means of transport
  • Greenhouses
  • Catering
  • Public (Schools, Municipalities, Institutes, Bodies, Communities)
  • Airport
  • Industrial plants and depots
  • Roads
  • Urban and industrial areas
  • Campings - Camping and Villages

Their operations are targeted and are carried out using professional devices for steam disinfection of all surfaces and fabrics, distribution systems operating with compressed air, atomisers for direct disinfection inside small environments to be treated, ULV nebulizers (Ultra Low Volume ) and road cleaning machines.

The tools they use are modulated according to the size of the environment to be sanitized: we have tools available for sanitizing environments, from the smallest to the largest on the streets.


The management of CovidBusters S.r.l. articulates an Action Project so targeted:

Dedicated operating number H24
The Command of Rome ensures an operating number capable of responding to any emergency 24 hours a day.

Personnel selection
Strength element of CovidBusters S.r.l. is staff recruiting. Our procedure foresees the opening of an individual and group assessment for the search for personnel on an international level

Staff training
The staff employed undergoes continuous standardization courses, Human Factor, HACCP and Cleaning Proficency Check on Job. In addition, we have recently completed courses on sanitization using techniques related to Covid-19 disinfection. Our courses are targeted and during the lessons (first theoretical and then practical) the application techniques of the sanitization and disinfection methodologies are defined using professional devices for steam disinfection of all surfaces and fabrics, distribution systems operating with compressed air, atomisers for direct disinfection in small rooms to be treated, ULV (Ultra Low Volume) nebulizers and road cleaning machines.

Operations center
Dedicated where the services of the Information System, dedicated Call Center and Help Desk will be managed. It will be operational from 9:00 to 18:00. It will have an equipped office available to the Area Manager for administrative and programming activities, and a dedicated space



A professional appliance for steam disinfection of all surfaces and fabrics. The peculiarity is the superheated dry steam at high temperature with low content of liquid particles which is generated in the high pressure boiler and integrated superheated in an expansion chamber (Polti patent). This allows rapid evaporation on the treated surfaces without traces of residual humidity. The steam, mixed with the HPMed detergent (adjuvant for the sanitizing action), kills up to 99.999% * of viruses, germs, bacteria, fungi and spores.
There are a few seconds of exposure to dry steam made heated up to 180 ° C by Polti Sani System to reduce the bacterial, fungal and viral load from the surfaces. The effectiveness of dry steam is heated to 180 ° C and proven by numerous tests conducted by third parties.
Tests carried out by third party and independent laboratories attest that Polti Sani System kills up to 99.999% * of viruses, germs, bacteria, fungi and spores; it also kills 100% of the eggs and 90% of the bed bugs ** adults already at the first step.
The dry steam overheats up to 180 ° C can be delivered on any type of surface because it does not cause damage and can even reach the least accessible corners. In addition, it is so dry that it evaporates quickly without leaving residual moisture.
Polti Sani System does not require the use of chemicals. The steam is dispensed with HPMed detergent which helps its sanitizing action and can be dispensed in the presence of people..


It is a distribution system operating with compressed air. The solution product is withdrawn at the concentration of use from an 18 liter stainless steel tank. The advantage is that the nozzle or nozzles are fed with the liquid under pressure and therefore the water and the liquid mix in an optimal way, creating a completely atomized jet. A further advantage is the type of atomization that provides by changing the air pressure to modify the flow rate of the liquid and adapting it to the size of the environment to be treated. It is also equipped with an electronic battery timer that can manage daily operation with the ability to adjust up to 4 settings within 24 hours the spraying time in minutes.


The Dulevo 6000 Hydro street washer was established for the cleaning and high pressure and sanitization of urban areas, but it also adapts without problems to industrial areas, resorts and any place where a high level of hygiene is necessary. Designed for ergonomics and to clean even the least accessible areas, washing takes place via a stainless steel bar positioned on the front of the cabin. The street washer is also equipped with a lance for less accessible walls and areas.


Perfect for spraying biocides and disinfectants and sanitizing / disinfecting food processing plants, flights, cruise ships and airplanes, containers, hospitals, schools, veterinary clinics, interventions and offices. The electrostatically charged disinfectant is attracted and treated on the surfaces for the time necessary to perform its function. The product is placed on all horizontal, vertical surfaces, in front, behind and all inside all the objects present in the environment. Also suitable for fabrics.
The electrically charged solution is passed through a pneumatic direct current pump at a pressure of 11-12.5 bar and pushed into the air through a series of 40, 80, 110 micron nozzles which subdivides it into tiny droplets all electrically charged. Since all the candies are carrying the same charge, a story is respected by forming a uniform mist in the air, but they are attracted by the objects present that have an opposite charge. For this reason the product manages to stop evenly even beyond where the spray is directed, covering 360 ° degrees any object or surface in the room.


The importance of breathing clean air. Regular cleaning and sanitizing of air conditioners - both domestic and industrial - is as appropriate as it is advantageous:

  • keeps the air we breathe healthy and clean
  • the plant maintains its efficiency and lasts longer
  • provide lower energy consumption.
As you know, the air conditioner has the purpose of purifying the hot air taken from the environment and converting it into fresh air thanks to the action of a refrigerant gas that acts as a convector. This process constantly urges the machine to face the possible presence of bacteria, dust, impurities and various polluting agents, which very often can form inside the air conditioner precisely by virtue of this constant process of cleaning the air.



Workers in charge of hygiene and cleaning services. The figure is suitable for carrying out various types of operations, i.e. disinfecting rooms, land, trees or plants by means of sprayers, sprayers, mechanical means, cover sheets, rodent control, inspections to view the work, clean and sanitize the rooms or premises, place baits, monitor the places of intervention to evaluate the result, sanitize doors, glass, roller shutters or curtains, treat floors or surfaces with specific products or machinery, carry out phytosanitary interventions, reclaim the environments.


Our equipment is of Italian (and European) production, purchased from serious and reliable suppliers, selected over the years. All our products are CE certified and are supplied complete with safety devices, use and maintenance manual. They are also all tested and tested before implementation. The products are guaranteed by our suppliers with certificates, guarantees, spare parts, commercial and technical assistance.


Performances performed in each room with indication of all types of processing according to the service specifications of the structure.


SUIT TYVEK PROTECH C / HOOD: The Tyvek classic ensures a high protection against fine particles and chemicals. It is permeable to air e water vapor and does not cause uncomfortable sensations. Light (40g / m2) but very resistant, it undergoes an antistatic treatment.

  • Type 5: Particle tight EN ISO13982-1
  • Type 6: With limited liquid splash resistance EN 13034
  • Electrostatic protection EN1149-1: 1995
  • In accordance with future European clothing directives of chemical protection
  • EN0120 Category III PPE, Type 4B, 5, 6.


and delivery times differentiated according to users.



Quick Universal Disinfectant SANIDART complies with the tests:

  • UNI-EN 1276: 2009 / EC1: 2011 Bactericidal activity in suspension
  • UNI-EN 13697: 2015 Surface bactericidal activity
  • UNI-EN 1650: 2013 Fungicidal activity in suspension
  • UNI-EN 13697: 2015 Surface fungicidal activity


Chloroactive Disinfectant in Tablets
Microbiological efficacy tests certified by: Abbott
Analytical Birkenhead UK –Blutest Laboratories
Glasgow Scotland UK - ASL 70 Alexandria

  • UNI-EN 1276 Bactericidal activity in suspension
  • UNI-EN 13697 Bactericidal surface activity with interferents
  • UNI-EN 13697 Surface bactericidal activity in dirty conditions
  • UNI-EN 1650 Fungicidal activity in suspension
  • UNI-EN 13697 Surface fungicidal activity
  • UNI-EN 14476 Virucidal activity in suspension


Disinfectant for the food industry
OXYGENA is a foam-free disinfectant based on peracetic acid and stabilized hydrogen peroxide. It is active against bacteria, fungi and viruses even at low temperatures. It is extremely effective for disinfecting systems and surfaces in the food and catering industry. It does not affect aluminum, stainless steel, tinned steel, plastic materials (PE, PP, PS, te_ on). Affects iron and galvanizing. Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Virucidal Action, Sporicide.


Bacteriostatic product

  • Air purifying action through the photocatalytic process
  • It acts on polluting substances transforming them into harmless molecules mineral salts
  • Destroys mold present on walls or cavities
  • Inhibits the development of mites, molds, spores, animal allergens, btteri, pollens
  • Neutralizes viral bacterial people
  • Neutralizing odor action.


It is a 35% solution of high hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) concentration (130 volumes). It is used for the treatment of oxidation and sanitation of sanitary rooms, offices, means of transport, sidewalks, etc. It oxidizes organic dirt on surfaces and has a sanitizing and whitening effect of the same.


It is a whitening sanitizing additive for the food industry. Product based on stabilized peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide which it guarantees optimal surface hygiene in combination with other detergents.
Composition: >= 10% - < 12.5% hydrogen peroxide >= 5% - < 7% peracetic acid

Covid Solutions

Decontamination Tunnel

It is an environment (in inflatable plastic that can be assembled and disassembled in 15 minutes), to be positioned in front of the store entrance, designed to contain a customer and the respective shopping cart and able to sanitize it from head to toe in about 10 seconds.


This device is equipped with a people counter that allows you to monitor the number of customers inside the shop and a tablet that frames the image of the person preparing to enter and detects their body temperature. If its temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees, the appliance rings and the person doesn’t enter, otherwise the armrests open and the person can enter.

Dress Sanificator

product that allows you to sterilize and sanitize clothing every time they are worn by customers during the shopping test. As you can see from the image below, it was designed to contain a stand. There is a reduced model of this product for smaller stores.


This is the sanitiser for toilets, beach cabins, changing rooms, detects the entry of a user of the service and, upon leaving it, sprays a sanitizing dose sprayed directly on the sanitary used and in the surrounding environment, continuously guaranteeing perfect hygiene. Easy to install and maintain, the charge of the liquid (100 ml for 300 sanitizations) is long-lasting, it also keeps a count of the daily users for your statistics.
Measures: 31 cm x 31 cm x h 18 cmbr> Voltage: 220 V, 50-60 Hz
Power: 900 W
Sanitizing outlet: 0.029 cubic meters / S
Spray distance: 3-5 m
Tank capacity: 100 ml

Tunnel Sanificatore
Termo-scanner schema funionamento
Termometro infrarossi
Sanificatore vestiti
Sanificatore portatile
Sanificatore per wc
Distrubutore gel igienizzante